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Mont De Lancey - Living History in the Yarra Valley

Blacksmiths at Mont De Lancey

The Mont De Lancey Blacksmithing Group comprises over 50 enthusiasts who meet every weekend at the authentic Mont De Lancey Blacksmith Shop.

The aim is to keep the blacksmithing craft alive by demonstrating and sharing the knowledge and skills of forging with hammer and anvil.

The highlight of our year is the annual Australian Blacksmith Convention. The event sees blacksmiths from all over Australia come to Mont De Lancey to display their unique skills and tools for all to enjoy.

Learn the skill of Blacksmithing

We also run four-week-courses every term for those interested in learning to blacksmith and weld. No experience is necessary, and all tools and equipment are supplied. So come along, meet us and join in.

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The Blacksmiths work shed at Mont De Lancey