An important part of any museum complex is the family of devoted volunteers that form it's community. Mont De Lancey relies on a team of junior and veteran volunteers, and is always looking for more people to join the team. We have a great community spirit amongst our people, and our people have a great pride in the work that they do to advance the facilities and resources of Mont De Lancey.

In 2007 eighteen volunteers were honoured for fifteen years of unbroken service to Mont De Lancey. Seventy have been honoured for ten years. From the earliest days of the house restoration and building program volunteers working behind the behind the scenes have driven Mont De Lancey forward. With ongoing maintenance and restoration work and new projects on the drawing board, the opportunities for volunteers are limitless.

Volunteers are sought for the following positions:

Showing people around our great historical homestead and Museum.

Welcoming visitors to Historic Mont De Lancey and selling local products.

Do you have a green thumb? We meet every Tuesday.

Membership required, work on Sundays.

Are you handy with tools or a paint brush? We have a dedicated team of helpers working every Saturday.

Data Entry and Catalogue Updating
Our online database facility requires volunteers who can work from home and enter updated and new items into the vast catalogue of exhibits held by the museum

... as well as Machinery Restoration, Housekeeping, Promotion and Fundraising.

If you would like to know more details about ways that you can help with this important community project please let us know. Call the office on (03) 5964 2088.

The Volunteers at Mont De Lancey

The Volunteers at Mont De Lancey