Blacksmiths & Machinery Shed at Mont De Lancey

The large purpose built blacksmith facility with ample double forges is the home of a thriving blacksmiths group. Novice and experienced blacksmiths practice this old craft in a supportive atmosphere and are on site every weekend.

The two-day Australian Blacksmiths Convention held at Mont De Lancey each October is a highlight of the year, and attracts blacksmiths and artisans from across the country.

Adult education providers also use the facility for their short courses in blacksmithing, the lessons delivered by one of our experienced blacksmiths. Blacksmith-made items are displayed for sale in the reception shop.

Across the paddock from the Blacksmiths is the Machinery Shed which houses a large collection of agricultural machinery including horse-drawn ploughs, wagons, spray pumps and cultivators, early tractors and vehicles, stationary engines and other relics of Wandin's agricultural heritage.

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Look for:

Ferguson Tractor No 1. TEA 1699. Made in England in 1946 the first 'grey fergie' to be used in Australia.

Wooden water pipe from the O'Shannesy Scheme. Water was carried to the city via an open channel but went underground through the hills using a system of wooden and metal pipes, some as much as 2km long.

Furphy water tank, iconic Australian invention, dated 1942.

Blacksmiths working at the forge

Blacksmiths firing up the forge

The Machinery Shed

The Machinery Shed

Blacksmiths Shed at Mont De Lancey

The Blacksmiths work shed at Mont De Lancey

Blacksmiths at work

Inside the Blacksmiths Shed at Mont De Lancey