St Mary's Chapel was Wandin's original Anglican Church, built in 1926 in Beenak Road, a short distance across the surrounding farms from Mont De Lancey. The small wooden church was built through the efforts of a group of nuns from St Michael's Grammar School St Kilda who in 1918 established a retreat in Wandin and became a much-loved part of the community.

In 1993 the church building was offered to Mont De Lancey, deconsecrated and relocated to make way for a larger building. The bell tower, built in the 1930's and serving in the early years as a fire bell when six tolls summoned volunteer fire fighters, was also relocated. The richly polished wood interior of the building is as it was when the Anglican sisters first decorated it.

Original fittings include:

Prints of the Stations of the Cross by Thomas Noyes Lewis (1920's)

Fully restored pedal organ (1889)

Wooden cross of 1905, altar fittings and glassware, and a silver chalice used in the trenches of WW1.

Original vestments worn on specific days: green for Trinity, purple for Advent and Lent, white for Christmas and Easter, red for Patronal Festivals and Saints Days.

Ideal for weddings and name giving ceremonies, St Mary's Chapel retains the charm of its era and nestles beside a magnificent century-old oak tree surrounded by gardens.

The Chapel

St Marys Chapel at Mont De Lancey

St Marys Chapel

The alter in St Mary's Chapel

The Chapel at Mont De Lancey

Approach to the Chapel