The Mont De Lancey homestead is set in lawns graced by advanced trees including a magnificent spreading oak planted in 1880. The peppercorn shading the small dairy was brought from Shepparton by Thomas Sebire and planted in 1902. The date palms were planted in the 1940's. Liquidamber, cherries and a growing plantation of deciduous trees in Mont De Lancey Park bring the rich russet colours of autumn to the garden. Come spring it's blossom time, the white and pink of the flowering cherries and the purple of the lilacs. In summer white and blue agapanthus line the driveway.

The Cottage Garden

Photographs taken in 1900 were studied to recreate the homestead's cottage garden. A large evergreen magnolia and grafted camellias either side of the front steps were identified as original plants and preserved. The remainder of the overgrown area was cleared and replanted to the original layout in the summer of 1992-93. Tiny box trees edging the garden beds and the path circling the central cabbage palm have grown into low hedges. Fuschias, windflowers, daisies and other old-fashioned plants provide colour year round against a backdrop of camellias, rhododendrons and birch.

Beyond the picket fence are the fruit trees... quince, orange, lemon, fig and pomegranate... and a new planting of French and David Austin roses.

New plantings

'The Liberty Tree', a linden, was planted by the Consul General of France M Rollon Mouchel Blaisot to mark Bastille Day 2000.

'The Chanticleer Tree', or Manchurian pear, planted in 2002 by the Honorary Consul General for France Patricia Polites, and assisted by the great great grandchildren, commemorates the centenary of the death of Henry Sebire.

A white cherry, Mt Fuji, planted in March 2003 by the garden volunteers marks a decade of gardening at Mont De Lancey.

Register of historicaly important trees

We are presently compiling a 'Register' of the many historical trees and plantings on the Mont De Lancey property which will soon be available online. Any members of the community that have a particular interest in tree species identification are invited to assist in this undertaking.

Please contact the office on 5964 2088.