The solid brick house was built by Henry Sebire in the early 1880's using bricks he made on site and has a paved verandah on all sides. It was fully restored in 1992. The high ceilinged rooms open off a central passage and feature decorative ceiling roses and open fireplaces. Fully furnished with furniture and household items from the homes of descendants of Wandin’s pioneer families the house appears as if awaiting the family's return.

The dining table is laid with the finest dinner set and a chiming clock ticks on the mantel. In the sitting room a cello sits beside an organ exported from England in 1912 by fifth son Thomas.

The practical skills of the pioneer women are seen in hand knitted and stitched bedspreads, in crotchet and embroidered doyleys and tufted floor rugs. An embroidery sampler worked by Martha (Rihoy) Sebire at 14 years of age in Guernsey in 1847 takes pride of place on the sitting room wall.

Look for:

In the front bedroom a small bible on the dresser, a twenty-first birthday gift to first-born son Henry in 1881 from his mother Martha.

Treadle sewing machine in the dining room, a wedding gift to fourth son Wandin and his bride Ada Briggs from her mother in 1902.

Photographs of the generations of Sebires who lived at Mont De Lancey lining the hallway.

The Homestead The Homestead
Entrance to the Homestead View across Yarra Valley from the homestead
The Homestead
The Gardens around the Homestead date back to the 1890's