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The Heritage Education Centre at Mont De Lancey is run by staff from Mont De Lancey and Wandin Yallock Primary School (staff and students). Activities are designed to cater for the very young to senior school students.

In this joint initiative, Mont De Lancey and Wandin Yallock Primary School (established 1870), offer a program for primary age children that addresses VELS requirements in a fun-filled day in a unique heritage setting.

School groups of up to 100 children and staff experience ‘hands-on’ family and school life in the period 1870 to 1918.

A fun day at Mont De Lancey offers:

  • A great day in the country, quick and easy to reach from the city and suburbs
  • An opportunity to take part in many hands-on activities from the past and to observe skills of yesteryear – many of which are not easily found elsewhere
  • A chance to build confidence and self-esteem for children, as they take part in fail proof activities with encouragement from students, staff leaders and helpers

The Heritage Education Centre explores the lifestyles of late 19th century to early 20th century Wandin settlers. Guided tours and hands on experiences of settler activities for all students ensure a rich understanding of this unique time in history. Whether it is ‘being disciplined’ in the old school house, learning to write with ‘pen and nib’ & inkwells, playing quoits, making peg dolls & lavender bags, cooking damper, making butter, or watching the blacksmith at work, students are always engaged and eager to participate.

We cater for group bookings from 45 to 70 on a daily basis (normally Tuesdays & Thursdays unless by other arrangement) and are able to tailor a program especially for the needs of your students. The Heritage Education Centre is open to schools from Wednesday to Friday.