Lost Trades

Where else can you visit a working blacksmiths on an historic property?  Or wander through a 100+ year old homestead or a shed of machinery and combustion engines.

 Mont De Lancey offers visitors the unique opportunity to see and chat to a working smithie, learn about old combustion engines and steep themselves in bygone days and skills from yesteryear.

For people fascinated by history, and how people lived and worked 100+ years ago, spending time at Mont De Lancey is a treat.

Working blacksmiths in their purpose-built forge, shaping metal into tools & art with heat & hammer.

Blacksmithing at Mont De Lancey

Check out vintage engines and machinery in the Yarra Valley Vintage Machinery Preservation Society shed.

Machinery Preservation at Mont De Lancey

The Eastern Woodturners use age old traditions to turn timber into art and functional pieces.

YV Woodturners

A Little Piece of Australian History

Come and learn about pioneer life in the Yarra Valley.